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Dr Juliana Skorcheva BDS 1990 Bulgaria, NZDREX 1998
Dental Surgeon, NZDA Member, ADA Member, NZSSD member


Dental Volunteer Work 2019

This year, 666 patients were treated in 40 clinics nationwide. This brings our 5 year total to 3,773 patients treated through the Smile NZ Free Dental Day Programme.

Mentorship Programme – 2017/2018

mentorship programme 2017-2018


Dental Volunteer Work 2015

The new initiative ‘Smile New Zealand’ that aims to provide free dental care for up to 1500 low income adults was launched by Southern Cross Health Trust and the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) in May 2015. The main focus of this joint initiative was to help those in communities who struggle to pay even for day-to-day basics.

The NZ Dental Association applauds the dentists who volunteered to be a part of this programme in 2015.

“We believe partnerships such as ours with Southern Cross Health Trust are an important way to help bridge the gap and improve access to dental care to those who most need it.” – David Crum, CEO, NZDA.

Dental Volunteer Work 2012

Juliana Skorcheva volunteer South AucklandHonouring a commitment to improve oral health in New Zealand, the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) in partnership with Colgate opened the doors at AUT’s Buckland Road Dental Health Clinic in Mangere on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 July, to provide free basic dental treatment for patients in need.

Sixteen NZDA dentists, including Juliana Skorcheva volunteered their time across the two days, treating up to 78 patients for basic dental treatments. The enthusiasm and attitude shown by the volunteer dentists was very impressive. They showed huge commitment to treat those patients in need and kept their focus on the task of providing care to as many as possible. They definitely are a huge credit to the profession.

Since dentists see the effects of poor oral health on a daily basis it was really satisfying to get their support for a project that aims to raise awareness about regular dental care.

Unfortunately, most often the public and the media get caught in the cost and forget to emphasise the solution – self-care, simple prevention and community support for initiative such as water fluoridation. The Association’s message is self-care, community care and in the case of children, parental responsibility.